MLH Official - Spring 2016 Hamp Hack | Interdisciplinary hackathon for Five Colleges

We are interdisciplinary

We believe that true innovation is an intersection of different fields.
And therefore, we are the first interdisciplinary hackathon in Pioneer Valley.
Bringing people from art, design, fabrication and technology, together.

Resources from design, art, fabrication
and technology are up for hacking.

Why did we make Hamp Hack?
What makes us different?

The first edition of Hamp Hack was
phenomenal. Take a look back.

Hamp Hack 2016

On Feb 2016, over 200 people from art, design, fabrication and technology
gathered under one roof, to create something remarkable. Here is what happened.


Student photographers Dominic, Marshall, X.T. Watson and Bryon have perfectly captured the quintessence of interdisciplinary hacking at Hamp Hack.

Open photos

Top projects

Every project made by participants at Hamp Hack was unique. But there were some that were totally unavoidable, checkout these astounding projects!

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We are coming back soon!

Hamp Hack 2017 is coming up soon. It's time for learning, engaging,
exploring new ideas and meeting new people. We are excited, are you?

It's not a competition.
But there are prizes to pump you up!

Where and when and how?
Here it is.

What's unique? What can I build?
Teams, resources, and more.