Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season Hamp Hack | Interdisciplinary hackathon for Five Colleges

We are interdisciplinary

We believe that true innovation is an intersection of different fields.
And therefore, we are the first and only interdisciplinary hackathon in Pioneer Valley.
Bringing people from art, design, fabrication and technology, together.

Calling artists who change the
world with their creative thinking.

Calling programmers who change the
world with their innovative thinking.

Calling designers who change the
world with their inventive thinking.

We are inquisitive

We believe that when interdisciplinary ideas are applied to the right problems,
the solutions are just phenomenal. Here are the themes that are open for hacking.
(you may work on these themes, but are not limited to them)


The idea is to best integrate the existing knowledge about the brain (either electrophysiological or anatomical) and technology to create an interesting product.

Artificial Intelligence

Implement an artificially intelligent system, in the domains including (but not limited to) natural language processing, genetic programming, artificial neural networks, robotics etc.

Environmental Sustainability

Create a project that can promote environmental sustainability at a personal or institutional level. The medium in which your project is implemented is completely open ended.

Life Hacks

How can you take the simple things around you and make something that is fascinating? This theme is about creating the most elegant product that makes the small things in everyday routine easier and/or more efficient.

Nutrition and Health

Create a project that can have implications in the field of nutrition and health - at a personal, institutional and/or societal level. This can include an app/hardware than can help you exercise/maintain diets, give health education, first aid, etc.

Fan-tasy Hacks

Create the most realistic implementation of something from popular fiction - example a Harry Potter wand that turns lights on (when you say lumos), a light saber from Star Wars, a compass that points to what your heart desires, etc.

We are inviting

We believe that great products are only made when people from diverse backgrounds
and fields of study come together. Last year we had 200+ students, from different fields of study,
who came together to give thier ideas an escape velocity. And this year, we need you!

Hamp Hack is not a competition, but
who doesn't like an exciting surprise !?

Checkout the event schedule now. We have
some awesome workshops to get you started.

Who can participate? What do I bring?
Checkout the FAQs below.

We know you won't get lost at Hampshire.
But if you do, we got your back.

The first edition of Hamp Hack was
unforgettable. Take a look back.

This is the official Press Kit
for Hamp Hack 2017.