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Hamp Hack

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Postponed - Date Pending
R.W. Kern Center, Hampshire College
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HampHack is

An Interdisciplinary Creative Event For All Skill Levels

Form a Team
Create one with friends or join one with strangers!
Propose Your Idea
Think of something you want to make, optionally with help from one of our themes.
Make the Thing
Now build it! You have 24 hours.
Awesome! Come learn
something new.
Great! Lets expand your
Amazing! Show off your
talent, or help others.
I see "Hack" in the name. Is this about computers?
Nope! We use the word "Hack" loosely. This is an event to show off your artistic, technological, or otherwise unique talents to make something cool!
For example, a team could create a game, which could require an artist, programmer, and musician.
I don't know how to code. Is this event right for me?
Absolutely! You can learn some basics, or you can bring your skills to a team! We encourage beginners to come.
Will there be food?
Yup! We'll be providing catered food. Let us know of any dietary restrictions in your registration.
I have an accessibility need, will I be okay?
We will try our best to accommodate to your needs. The event is taking place
at the R.W. Kern Center at Hampshire College. Please let us know what accommodations you may need ahead of time in your registration.
Are there any restrictions on who can participate?
You must be over 18 or a college student. Nothing personal, just bureaucracy.